With Clients

  • In depth search project planning.
  • Suggesting ways to make the position more attractive.
  • Evaluating and giving positive feedback to internal candidates.
  • Positively representing the client company, the executive leadership team, and the hiring executive to the marketplace. Giving constructive feedback when appropriate.
  • Suggesting mid-stream changes based on marketplace and possible candidate feedback.
  • Creating and presenting a competitive employment offer.  Softly selling. Helping to bridge differences between client and candidate for a win-win outcome.

With Candidates

  • Tracking top performers whom I already know.
  • Researching & identifying new top performers.
  • Motivating possible candidates to participate in a search.
  • Evaluating them:
    • Management, technical and functional skills
    • Work and personal accomplishments
    • Organization “organization fit”
    • Leadership competencies
    • Personal and work motivators and ideals
  • Rejecting candidates in a professional manner. Positive feedback and career advice.
  • Conducting reference checks often in-person – superiors, peers, and subordinates. Getting honest information.

With the Marketplace

  • “Ken Clark” is a well-known name to many clients and candidates.  If I call, they call me back.  I have credibility and am seen as trustworthy.
  • My age, maturity, knowledge, and experience generate respect from candidates for the client companies and executives that I represent.

“Nobody ever mastered any skill except through intensive, persistent, and intelligent practice.”

– Norman Vincent Peale