Past clients include a complete range of size Life Science companies from start-up, to fast-growth, to maturing, and finishing with multi-national corporations.

They represent a wide variety of product companies from biotech and pharma, including medical and dental products, diagnostic products, consumer OTC products, scientific and lab products, as well as industry services including CRO, CMO, contract logistics, and CDMO.  They incorporate the whole spectrum of life sciences for human, animal, and agricultural products or services as well.

Past clients have been both public and private companies as well as research institutes, foundations, and associations.


  • Board of Directors – corporate, advisory, scientific
  • COB, CEO, COO, President & GM/Country Management
  • VP – All Functional Areas – commercial, operations & supply chain, clinical/medical, finance and human resources.
  • CHRO – Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Director – All Functional Areas


  • Pro-actively contacted and motivated to participate. Most not “in market”
  • Documented and verified superior performance.
  • High potential for advancement – future growth.
  • Leadership skills and abilities.
  • PhD or MD included. Diversity candidates. Internationally experienced.
  • “Fit” – past industry, companies, and positions; corporate culture; emotional intelligence; and specific accomplishments vs. barriers.

“Focus your business on what you do best. Let everyone else worry about the rest.”

– Kevin Stirtz